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About Us

Welcome to Precision Technical Services! Let’s start with you. We know most companies start by talking about themselves but this business is all about you and your precision repair and calibration needs.

Bottom line, we love what we do! And we do it well and with demonstrated intention. For Precision Technical Services it’s about integrity. It’s your integrity that we want to protect because we know you rely every single day on the torque equipment, temperature equipment, and dimensional equipment we put into your hands. We understand that the integrity of your business relies heavily on the accuracy of our state-of-the-art calibration services – and we don’t take that lightly.  Never have.  Never will.  With our focused precision tech and precision labs calibration, we stay focused on providing your precision tech needs so you can perform your job with precision and confidence.


Precision Technical Services’ Commitment to Your Business

From the very beginning in 1991, we have never steered from our devotion to our customers. We have been committed to technical precision, quality, quick turnarounds, and customer dedication that ensures you never have to worry about the functionality of equipment, calibrations, certifications, or on-site auditors.

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Cutting Edge Calibration Services

The technology industry is constantly evolving and Precision Technical Services is constantly evolving with it. That’s why we are constantly staying on top of the latest precision tech developments at our Tempe, Arizona precision calibration lab so we can offer you, our clients, the best and most current technology for your precise technical service needs.


Enhancing Our Calibration Laboratory

As a premier calibration lab in Tempe, Arizona, our accreditation process includes ISO/IEC 17025:2017 which specifies the general requirements for the competence, impartiality, and consistent operation of laboratories.   

ANSI/NCSL Z540.3 is company-level compliance based on a standard facilitated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Conference of Standards Laboratories (NCSL) titled “Requirements for the Calibration of Measuring and Test Equipment”.   These accreditations make Precision Technical Services one of the few labs in the country to carry this dual accreditation.

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